Based in the heart of the Permian Basin, Legacy Flow Control is the result of three generations of valve and valve automation expertise.  We tackle each objective with the sole purpose of bringing our customers the type of old school technical experience and customer service that is so needed in today’s energy environment.  Whether you’re replacing an existing valve or automation package or designing a new plant, pipeline, or production facility, our massive vendor network and technical expertise enable us to select the right package for the job. We tackle each opportunity with absolute integrity, focus, and discipline so that we get it right the first time.


Valve and Material Selection – We provide proper valve type and material selection based on flow parameters including media, pressures, flow rates, temperatures, flow coefficients, metallurgies, elastomers, and seats.
Automation Package Design – Each package is designed to meet your specific requirements.  We offer electric/pneumatic/electro-hydraulic/self-contained hydraulic systems, emergency shut down packages, on/off and throttling packages, control valves, level control, pressure control, and flow volume control.
Project Expertise – Our experience enables us to not only replace what you currently have but also improve upon it as well as assist in the design of new automation packages for a multitude of applications.
Technician Expertise – We assemble and test all valve automation packages according to your specifications prior to shipment to ensure everything meets the design requirements.